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Extraordinary Parenting - a Book Review

I've followed Eloise @mightymother_ for a few years now on Instagram, and I find her to be one of the most inspiring Mothers, Home Educators and Writers out there. I find her posts to be a huge source of parenting comfort to me so it's no surprise that I've taken a few of her courses too - A Beautiful Childhood, and A Beautiful Education (which I'm currently coming to the end of). Both are equally inspiring, knowledgeable and motivating. When Eloise told me that she was writing a book, I knew from that moment it would be brilliant, and to top it off she asked me if I would consider writing a few words to go into the book about neurodiverse children adapting to change. What an honour?!

From start to finish, the book was engaging, relatable and my first comment to my Wife, and to Eloise, was that it felt like a great big cuddle. The words are soothing, gentle and encouraging and I felt as though every time I picked it up, I put it down feeling so much more equipped to take on the every day challenges that parenting presents us with.

What I loved about the book in particular, (apart from the fact that I feature in it - in chapter two for those interested) is how it touches on a range of parenting and home education approaches from Montessori and Waldorf to Charlotte Mason. Eloise beautifully highlights the principles of a variety of approaches that are easily able to be weaved into the family rhythm, without creating the feeling that we need to pick an approach and adapt our whole lives to align with it.

Extraordinary Parenting provides a whole range of practical, gentle and appropriate tools to support child development and behaviour applicable to parenting and home education (or learning at home for parents/carers of school children). Complete with simple yet scientific explanations and references from parents and professionals, the book provides both guidance and plenty of uplifting support and cheers for the radical work we're already doing as parents. Peaceful, conscious parents/carers will feel right at home. Those new to the gentle, peaceful approach to raising children will feel enlightened and inspired to try out alternatives to their usual parenting techniques with successful results.

If you need a warm, parenting related cuddle with kind advice, tools for raising extraordinary children and reassurance that you're doing a pretty brilliant job already, this is one that you don't want to leave on the shelf (this isn't an ad, just a bloody brilliant read).

'Extraordinary Parenting'; an Extraordinary Book! ✨

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